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Hyundai Clear Coat Blending

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Clear Coat Blending is not Recommended by Hyundai Motor America

Clear Coat blending is a procedure sometimes used on spot repairs performed within the borders of a body panel. After base coats are applied to the spot repair, a clear coat is applied only to the spot repair area. This is followed by spraying blending solvent onto the perimeter of the spot repair to “melt/solvent blend” the freshly sprayed clear coat with the existing clear coat that surrounds the spot repair.

Needs a whole new coat

Current automotive clear coats paints are irreversibly cured and therefore, the clear coat surrounding a spot repair cannot be “melted / blended” together with a newly applied clear coat. Using a clear coat blending procedure may initially produce a finish that looks acceptable, but over a relatively short period of exposure to sunlight, weather, or polishing can produce hazing, fading, peeling, delamination and a noticeable blend edge, all of which lead to poor customer satisfaction.

Blending can void your warranty

Moreover, the use of clear coat blending procedure may void paint manufacturer’s warranties and put the refinisher at risk for non-compliance with Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) emission regulations. Hyundai Motor America does not recommend clear coat “blending” as an acceptable repair procedure.

Why This Matters to You

To keep your warranty in effect, you need to follow Hyundai’s requirements for using the right parts and reconditioning processes. Only companies that have the right training and skills to do this work will be endorsed by Hyundai Motor America.

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