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Gold Class Shop, Platinum Technicians

There are a lot of changes facing the collision repair industry in the immediate future.  With demands for more fuel efficient vehicles, the technology and materials that will be used to create these modern, lighter designs will be constantly evolving.  In addition to the materials, electronics are now an integral part found throughout a vehicle design. The industry is a rapidly developing environment, with more and more complex innovations. That means that the knowledge and skills of collision repair technicians and the equipment used by auto body shops will also need to keep up with these changes to the industry.

In order to achieve Gold  Class status, four of our staff members have also been designated Platinum® technician status in the areas of Estimator, Non-Structural Technician, Steel Structural Technician and Refinish Technician.   Each area of training is tailored to the specific role, builds on current skills and knowledge and is constantly evolving to reflect updates in the industry.

The I-CAR Professional Development Program™ is designed by experts in the collision repair industry to meet the industry’s present and upcoming requirements. To maintain this status, Body Works Plus staff must undergo continual role-relevant professional development training every year.

The Highest Level of Training Recognized in the Collision Repair Industry

The I-CAR ® Gold Class™ program is the highest level of training recognized in the collision repair industry with only 10% of collision repair shops holding this status.  To achieve Gold Class recognition, Body Works Plus staff worked through a variety of I-CAR Professional Development Program™ training in the collision repair field (ProLevel®) over a 12 month period. Every technician who has a role in repairing your vehicle has gone through this training program.

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Body Works Plus is dedicated to making sure you and your family is safe in any vehicle that is repaired by us. By completing the I-CAR® Gold Class™ program, our technicians maintain the latest information and expertise, so that you can be assured the repairs to your vehicle are of the highest quality. To contact Body Works Plus about starting the repair process, give us a call at (704) 332-4404 or use the form below to send us a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible within 24 business hours.