Post Collision Repair Inspection

Should You Have Your Car Inspected After Collision Repairs?

Yes. Due to the pressures of the car insurance industry, many body shops are forced into cutting corners and making deadlines. Post-repair inspections are a common practice performed by a trusted third-party auto body shop. During a post-repair inspection, our Auto Damage Inspectors make sure the repair(s) performed after an auto accident meet manufacturer specifications and your vehicle has been returned to pre-accident conditions. Since you and your loved ones’ lives depend on the structural integrity of your vehicle in case of an accident, it’s always a good idea to have repairs checked by a trusted 3rd party. At Body Works Plus, we are routinely inspected and certified by most manufacturers to return your vehicle to pre-accident condition. If you are in need of a post-repair inspection, call 704-332-4404 or click the button below to start the process online.

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Post Repair Inspection Process:
  • Provide us with copies of the car insurance estimate and the body shop estimate

  • A parts and labor quality check is performed against the assessed repairs

  • A panel inspection is performed to verify tolerances match manufacturer specifications

  • If paint was used with the repair, the paint and finish will be measured for proper depth, even application and color matching

  • Depending on the location of the repair, carpets and interior panels will be pulled back and all metalwork and welding will be inspected for proper repair

  • If any items of concern are found during the inspection process above, a full post repair inspection will be recommended

Insurance Steering Makes Post-Repair Inspections Necessary

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