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Certified Jeep Collision Repair In Charlotte

Body Works Plus is a Jeep Certified Collision Repair Facility, which makes us qualified in the repair of your Jeep vehicle.  As a brand that’s been around for over 80 years, Jeep is known for its reliability both on the road and off.  Our technicians Jeep certified and have the knowledge and skills to provide the safest repair for your Jeep.

Benefits of a Certified Jeep Body Repair Shop

Our technicians highly recommend the use of original equipment manufacturer (OEM) Jeep parts for the repair of your vehicle. Your Jeep is engineered so that everything from crumple zones to when an air bag releases relies on each part reacting as it should in a collision. The use of OEM parts will safeguard this design specification. We use the latest methods to precisely match the paint on your Jeep, ensuring a durable and glossy finish to your repair.

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The Jeep Certified Repair Experience

In order to achieve status as a Jeep Certified Collision Repair Facility, we have had to meet specific Jeep standards. With these benchmarks in place, you can be assured that our Jeep trained technicians have the knowledge and skills to do a quality repair on your vehicle. Body Works Plus is committed to achieving a quality repair every time.

We offer a Lifetime Warranty* on all repairs completed by our professionally trained and certified technicians. You can be reassured that the repairs our technicians complete have returned your vehicle to its pre-collision condition, safeguarding the structural integrity. We are dedicated to ensuring a safe ride for you and your family.

*Click here for more info about warranty and terms of use.

Prior to being returned to you, your Jeep will undergo a thorough Quality Control process. Your vehicle is detailed and then an exhaustive inspection checklist is completed. Our technicians will take your Jeep for a test drive and check that there are no leaks. A comprehensive check of the repairs will finish the process.