What Insurance Companies May Tell You

What Insurance Companies May Tell You

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Not True:

  • You have to use one of their “preferred shops”
  • You must get more than 1 estimate
  • You only receive a lifetime warranty from their “preferred shops”
  • You may have to pay more if you choose a shop not recommended by them
  • You must wait for an adjuster to evaluate your vehicle before choosing a shop
  • You can’t get a rental vehicle until an adjuster evaluates your vehicle
  • It will be easier and more convenient to go to a “preferred shop”


  • The choice is yours – it’s your vehicle and you may choose any body shop and that’s the law
  • By law, they cannot pressure you to have repairs done at a specific shop
  • We provide a Lifetime Nationwide Warranty on all collision repairs
  • We can write the estimate and meet with the adjuster at our facility to determine the best repair plan for your vehicle
  • We work with major rental car companies directly and can setup your rental vehicle
  • We work on YOUR behalf and manage the repair process for you, letting you get back to handling life
  • Differences in estimates are common. Less expensive estimates may not include all necessary work

If you have questions about multiple estimates, call us and we will gladly explain the differences to you.

Bottom Line:

Choose a shop that you feel comfortable with and has an excellent reputation, solid references, and experience. The choice should be clear…Body Works Plus – We’re What You’re Looking For.