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The Estimate and Repair Process

  1. Schedule a 15-30-minute appointment with the shop to inspect the vehicle and write an estimate. You will not leave your vehicle with us at this point, but initial arrangements may be made.
  2. A deposit for ordering parts is placed. Insurance checks need to be properly endorsed by all parties with liens.
  3. Schedule your 15-minute vehicle drop-off appointment at the body shop.
  4. Parts availability and delivery is verified several days before drop-off.
  5. We call to remind you the day before your drop-off date.
  6. We take photos to document vehicle’s condition and mileage at drop-off.
  7. We address any insurance issues arising from unforeseeable damage.
  8. You can check the status of your repair online, 24/7.
  9. We return your vehicle after thorough inspection and free interior and exterior detail!

Before dropping off your vehicle

  1. Remove all personal items and debris, especially in the trunk.
  2. Avoid using exterior cleaners and protectants, which slow down paint preparation.
  3. Fill your fuel tank, which is necessary for proper suspension alignment.
  4. Disable audio alarm systems or provide the appropriate codes to bypass them. Write down radio settings, as they may be erased.
  5. Bring keys for all locks – trunks, wheel locks, spare tire locks, roof rack locks, etc. A full (not Valet) key is required for most repairs.
  6. Bring your estimate information, including the responsible insurance company, policy number, claim representative’s name and phone number, and claim number.

Please note that while Body Works Plus is happy to provide a Free Consultation, a fee may apply for an “Estimate.” For most insurance claims, this estimate fee will NOT apply.

If you have your vehicle repaired at Body Works Plus, that estimate fee will be applied to the cost of repairing the vehicle.

Many body shops offer a “Free Estimate.” Unfortunately, this kind of verbiage is often misleading.
To do a complete “estimate” for collision repairs requires a detailed damage analysis, which can require a considerable amount of work, including some disassembly of the vehicle. For this reason, in the interests of our core values of honesty and transparency, we cannot offer “Free Estimates.”