Kim Nash
Kim NashOperations Manager
To create a collision experience that exceeds customers’ expectations, a workplace that creates opportunities, a great working environment for our employees, and a business that achieves financial success.
Tom Arico
Tom AricoAuto Body Safety Technician
To come to work and grow inside and out outside, create an environment at work with exceptional communication and efficiency while bringing people up.. Provide for my family and spend as much time with them as possible.
Patrick Messina
Patrick MessinaRefinish Technician
To become ICAR certified to the highest degree, lead better overall train and educate to the best of my abilities.
Brian Davies
Brian DaviesFounder
To raise the level of safety, quality, and professionalism of the collision industry here in North Carolina and across the United States. Always focusing on the safest repairs humanly possible by utilizing the latest technology, training, equipment, and certifications. Personally to be the highest rated collision repair center by our customers in the southeast while creating positive opportunities for those engaged in the industry.
Chris Smith
Chris SmithProduction Manager
To provide superior service and solid direction for people in a time of need.
Daniel Cage
Daniel CageAuto Body Safety Technician
Create an environment of teamwork and take full responsibility for my actions to grow my skills and be the best version of myself.
Skyler Martin
Skyler MartinAuto Body Safety Technician
To hold the value of each customer and to earn the trust of the people of Charlotte and educate the population about a properly repaired vehicle.
John Beltrondo
John BeltrondoCo-Founder Body Works Plus
To achieve a higher level of financial success for the business.
Jose Lopaz
Jose LopazQuality Technician
To provide customer satisfaction through quality workmanship and timeliness of completed assignments and duties.
Robert Mobley
Robert MobleyAuto Body Safety Technician
To exceed customers expectation by performing quality repairs while maintaining safety and value of vehicles, while continually gaining experience to be the best in the industry.
Cameron Kovalchivk
Cameron KovalchivkAuto Body Safety Technician
To provide quality quickly.