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“Do I Need More Than One Estimate?”

No. There is no law in the state of North Carolina that says you have to get more than one estimate. If an insurance company asks you to get more than one, explain to them that you would prefer to work with Body Works Plus. We work with most insurance companies, and they can have one of their appraisers inspect your vehicle here at our shop.

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We schedule estimates Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Please let us know what time on either of these three days is best for you:

Please note that while Body Works Plus is happy to provide a Free Consultation, a $125 fee may apply for an “Estimate.” For most insurance claims, this estimate fee will NOT apply.

If you have your vehicle repaired at Body Works Plus, that estimate fee will be applied to the cost of repairing the vehicle.

Many body shops offer a “Free Estimate.” Unfortunately, this kind of verbiage is often misleading.
To do a complete “estimate” for collision repairs requires detailed blueprinting of the damage, which can require a considerable amount of work, including some disassembly of the vehicle. For this reason, in the interests of our core values of honesty and transparency, we cannot offer “Free Estimates.”