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We are looking for a Parts Manager and Shop Apprentice/Detailer!

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Primary areas of responsibility, but are NOT limited to:  

  •  Accurately ordering, invoicing, mirror matching, and returning parts, following up on outstanding return credits,  with an emphasis on negotiating with parts vendors for discounts, and minimizing return rates. 

Pay Plan & Benefits:

  • Paid Vacation & Personal days* 
  • Employee medical coverage 75% of employee cost
  • Paid Group Term Life and Accidental Death and Dismemberment Plan *
  • Paid Group  Long Term Disability*
  • Paid Employee education (ICAR, PPG, etc)*
  • Closed Major Holidays & Weekends (possible Saturday workday)*
  • Professional, progressive, work environment geared to continually improve the health of the business as well as the morale and productivity of each employee. 

*After eligibility periods, subject to terms of employee manual


  •  To prepare the vehicle for delivery as quickly as possible in a safe and quality manner, with a fit and finish that meets or exceeds the original factory fit and finish.  The end result should be an invisible repair.


A great deal of emphasis should be placed on the overall quality of the detailing job since it is the final signature of approval on the repairs conducted.  For this reason, the detail technician must be meticulous and thorough in performing the final get ready on the vehicle.  The detailing process is a reflection of the rest of the work you do.  The thoroughness and quality of the final detailing can have a significant impact on the customer’s perception of quality, and may even be the deciding factor in pleasing the customer.  The detail technician must consistently perform his/her duties to the company standard of quality.


Detail Technician Responsibilities

  1.     Complete all repair assignments according to the methods and objectives 
  2.     You must provide your own set of basic hand tools including, but not limited to, wrenches, pliers, screw drivers, sockets, ratchets, etc.  Tools should be stored in a mobile tool cabinet. If not available will help assist in providing.
  3.     Inspect every vehicle as it enters the detail shop to ensure that it has passed all previous inspections and standards.  Read the entire Work Order thoroughly and visually inspect the vehicle to check that all the repairs listed are complete.  Give extra attention to any special promises or notes, and if any discrepancies are found notify the appropriate person immediately.
  4.     Protect the customer’s car to prevent damage during the repairs.  This includes but is not limited to seat bags, floor mats, car covers, welding blankets, masking paper, or any other practical method that yields positive results.
  5.     If the job assigned requires that you replace any parts, check all the parts for correctness before starting the repair and notify the appropriate person of any incorrect parts.  Be responsible and accountable for all parts for any jobs that are assigned to you.  Be organized and develop a system for holding the parts until they are installed on the vehicle.
  6.     Inspect your work and that of others to ensure that the vehicle is delivered with a fit and finish equal or superior to the original factory fit and finish.
  7.     Remain conscious of, and make every effort to achieve the objectives outlined on the delivery list of cars scheduled.  Sometimes this requires working overtime to meet the objectives.
  8.     Upon completion of a job, or nearing completion of a job, advise the production manager and request a new assignment.
  9.     Maintain a good work attitude and cooperate with managers and fellow employees in a positive spirit of teamwork.
  10.  Order and maintain an accurate inventory of all the necessary detailing products listed in the chapter titled Detailing Procedures in Section 4.

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