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Honda Certified Body Shop in Charlotte

Body Works Plus is proud to be Honda ProFirst Certified. New government regulations requires that vehicles are fuel efficient with low emission levels and high safety standards. Honda has met these criteria with the development of stronger vehicle structures, using lightweight materials and more advanced technologies for collision avoidance and on-board safety. This rapidly progressing industry will require body shop repair technicians to be just as advanced, in training, skills, tools and equipment. With their Honda ProFirst certification, Body Works Plus technicians will provide these advanced services for every Honda repair.

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Benefits of a Certified Honda Body Repair Shop

At Body Works Plus we use original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts on all Honda repairs unless otherwise requested. Honda designs their vehicles to meet certain specifications, resulting in maximum safety for all occupants when involved in an accident. By replacing a damaged part with a Honda OEM part, we can guarantee the repair and the safety of your vehicle. Body Works Plus has a technologically advanced system that will precisely match the paint of your Honda, and combined with the expertise of our technicians, a result that will achieve an invisible repair.

  • Genuine OEM Parts

  • Honda Tools & Equipment

  • Customer Satisfaction

  • Honda Specific Training

  • Facility Standards

  • Annual Inspection

We work with most auto insurance providers in the country. As a customer, you have the right to choose your auto body shop.

Honda Repair Experience

Our highly skilled technicians have extensive experience in repairing Honda vehicles. Our ProFirst certification involves hours of training in order to keep up to date with the latest advances, the sophisticated tools and equipment mandated by Honda for repairs, and an exceptional customer service system and facilities. We are dedicated to your satisfaction, and having your Honda back to manufacturer specifications.

Body Works Plus understands that you have many options in your choice of a Honda repair shop and that’s why we provide a Lifetime Warranty* on all Honda repairs. Combined with our ProFirst certification and our Lifetime Warranty*, you can be assured that your Honda has been repaired to the highest of standards.
*Click here for more info about warranty and terms of use.
Body Works Plus has a systematic Quality Control process. The vehicle is thoroughly detailed inside and out and our technicians work through a comprehensive inspection checklist. They will take the vehicle for a test drive, where they will check for any leaks. Finally, they will finish the process with an overview of all the repairs completed, making sure they are finished to our exacting standards.
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